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Bikes in Back

Bike Rentals

You might think about renting a bike if...

  • You are considering taking up cycling as a new sport or stress outlet, but are not sure what kind of bike is best for you
  • You are interested in turning your commute to work into useful training, by cycling instead of driving and then taking advantage of our BikeLodging™ facility
  • You are training for an upcoming race and want to see how some new equipment might help bring your times down
  • You have read that the world just looks better when seen from the saddle of a bike - but you want to convince yourself first

If you rent from us, you will also get...

  • A complimentary bike fitting to ensure that the bike you rent fits you
  • Our bikes are maintain by our bike expertise with tender loving care
  • Local knowledge, roadmaps and tips on where and when to ride
  • We will send you our newsletter and invite you to our TBB Ride (an organized, scheduled group ride) so you can meet other cyclists and share your passion

Rental Services

#01 Full bike 
#02 Travel Bike Bag

* Subject to availability.
** Collection and drop off at the respective stores
*** Please check with the other stores for their respective pricing and availability. 

Monday 11am-5pm Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 10AM - 7PM Saturday 10AM - 5PM Sunday 11am-4pm